Success Stories


SCORE Westchester has worked with many dedicated clients who achieved their goals and realized business success. Below are just a few success stories from these incredible clients.


Kevin Martin of Agile Innovative Marketing Solutions

“I’d gone to school for marketing, and just as I graduated, the Recession started,” explained Kevin Martin. “Like many of my classmates, I found that there were not a lot of suitable job opportunities. This led to my decision to create my own firm.”

Kevin’s goal was to serve small business owners who needed marketing services but couldn’t afford an in-house employee to perform those tasks. “By hiring our firm, they could effectively promote their business at an affordable rate.”

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Lin Yue Wang, TalkOrange

“I had worked for a start up previously, and I’d enjoyed that culture, that environment,” said Lin Yue Wang, owner of TalkOrange, adding, “but I also liked the idea of having more control. I knew I wanted to be in charge of what I was doing, but I wasn’t sure where I wanted to be.”

“I went to a resume workshop, and there was a seventy-year old woman there,” Lin said. “She turned out to be an absolutely amazing woman. We wound up spending time talking, hours and hours, and I told her about my idea for a business teaching Mandarin. She told me about SCORE.”

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Julie Bouchet-Horwitz, The New York Milk Bank

Nurturing life from the earliest moments is the heart of The New York Milk Bank. By collecting and pasteurizing donated human breast milk, the New York Milk Bank plays a vital role in helping premature babies get all the nutrition they need during the earliest days of their life. Julie Bouchet-Horwitz is The New York Milk Bank’s executive director. “We knew New York wanted a milk bank,” she said, “but we didn’t know how much they wanted one!” Since the Milk Bank’s grand opening on September 21st, the organization has collected more than four times the amount of milk they expected.

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Roxanne Mapp, Roxanne Mapp Designs

“As I got older, I started thinking about what my next steps were going to be. If I was going to start a business, the time to begin that endeavor was now.”

When asked what advice she’d give to others who are at a transition point in their career, such as approaching retirement, Roxanne said, “Make a list of the things you’re passionate about. Look at that list and see what jumps out at you… Then ask yourself, what’s stopping you now?”

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Liam Dai, Risk Block

“Anyone who’s considering going into business for themselves should definitely work for another agency first,” Liam recommends. “This gives you a chance to learn the ropes, make connections and meet the people who will help you be successful.”

Liam strongly recommends working with a SCORE mentor. “Having someone to talk to who’s been through things already give you access to a valuable second opinion,” he said. “And a mentor can introduce you to the right people, opening up networks of connections.”

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Baby with Bare Air Free Baby Bottle Priska Diaz, Bare® Air-Free Baby Bottles

“We were very fortunate in being able to work with SCORE Westchester right from the beginning,” Diaz said. “Our company is very small – it’s just my husband and I – and we’re self-funded. That means there’s no way we could have paid for the level of assistance and guidance we got for free from SCORE.”

SCORE mentor Marty Levine helped Diaz with a clear overview of financial needs over the next 2 years and literally sat down with her on weekly basis to develop cash flow, balance and P&L sheets. He also played a critical role in assisting Diaz on her search for funding. “If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have gotten the funding,” Diaz said. “We needed money to pay for inventory; being able to fill orders took a certain amount of time and until we were able to get that much bigger and faster, we couldn’t make that happen. Marty put the numbers together, and on February 1st, 2016 we had our launch at Babies R Us.”

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Monique Fayad with Quote Monique Fayad, ICDLogic

After spending more than 15 years working in the medical regulatory and digital publishing world, Monique Fayad was ready for a career change. “I was in a program designed for people who wanted to start their own business, and that’s how I became aware of SCORE,” she said.

“SCORE worked with me to refine my idea into a viable business concept. Their feedback was invaluable,” Monique said. “Phil Thorpe was the first person I met with. He has a technology background, which was very helpful. Later, Natasha Roukos joined the team; her insights were helpful as we worked through securing our first round of funding.”

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David Vogel, Video Production

Your Business Does Not Exist Unless It is the First Page of Google That is the key message and value proposition of Video SEO Pro, an up and coming small business online video marketing, video production and video SEO agency based in Hawthorne that is helping entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed by getting them ranked higher on the internet. Its President and co-founder, David A. Vogel, says that the firm’s success would not have been possible without the sound advice from SCORE Westchester small business mentors.

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Man In Suit Crossing Out the "im" in ImpossibleKen Garland, United Florists Network

Ken Garland is the founder and CEO of United Florists Network, a company that provides e-commerce services to brick and mortar florists. UFN is located in Peekskill, right here in Westchester County. We asked Ken about his experience working with SCORE Westchester.

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SCORE Client Pays It Forward with Westchester Business SuccessAnthony Tedesco, Information Technology

Is it ever too late to start your own Westchester small business and be your own boss after spending a successful career in corporate America for more than 30 years? The answer is absolutely NO! declares Anthony Tedesco who is making the transition from a senior-level executive to the owner of a fledging, home-based business, thanks to the advice and guidance of a SCORE Westchester business advisor.

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SCORE Client Boosts SEO Rankings with Video MarketingMichele Kay, Fine Painting Restoration

With a steady hand, tiny paintbrush, and artistic expertise, Michele S. Kay, rescues fine artwork from the ravages of time, fire, extreme weather events and neglect. She always strives to bring each painting to the original artist intent, on the day the artist first painted it – even if that day was many centuries ago! Here is an example of before and after images of her work.

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SCORE Client Boosts SEO Rankings with Video MarketingClaudia Coviello, Catering

Is there a recipe for entrepreneurial success? You might want to ask Claudia Coviello that question. The chef, who trained at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, began her career as many chefs do: working in other people’s kitchens. Coviello spent nearly a decade perfecting her craft in hotels and country clubs before she decided to turn up the heat on her career by starting her own business.

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SCORE Client Boosts SEO Rankings with Video MarketingHarriet Zbikowski, Garden Glove Design

It all started when Harriet Zbikowski’s gloves didn’t fit. Harriet is a landscape architect and horticulturist. She was frustrated with gardening gloves that were too big and bulky. Even worse, conventional garden gloves wore out too quickly. Necessity is the mother of invention, and after much research, Harriet designed her own snug-fitting durable garden gloves. They look and feel great, and they’re made to last.

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SCORE Client Boosts SEO Rankings with Video MarketingLydia Howie, Marketing and Consulting

Lydia Howie is the owner of Howie Marketing and Consulting, a consulting firm that specializes in nonprofit fundraising services. Her team, which has grown to include five employees, provides nonprofit grant writing, development support and marketing communications.

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SCORE is a free service and the people helping seem genuinely interested in helping us succeed. Starting a business is a daunting task and it feels good to have someone in our corner.”

– Anthony Cobb, Restaurant Entrepreneur

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