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Integrity, courage, confidence, dedication, flexibility, resourcefulness, resilience, perseverance… these are just some of the traits that successful entrepreneurs have in common. They also have a keen ability to create strategic alliances and develop win/win situations. Notice that nowhere does this say that a successful entrepreneur is one who does everything his or herself and does not ask for help. At SCORE our goal is to help as many business owners and those looking to open a business as possible. In order to fulfill that need we now offer mentoring sessions in Spanish and Arabic.

Over the course of starting or growing a small business, you may reach a point at which you must seek advice. These instances often occur when you’re about to make a decision, as it is always best to have a complete set of information when making an important business decision.

You are likely very adept at recognizing when you could use some advice to make an important decision, however identifying the appropriate source of advice for the situation can be difficult. Your friends and family are more than willing to support you, but they may not have the best industry knowledge. Business consultants are very knowledgeable, but they may not be affordable. So, where can you turn for free yet effective business advice? SCORE Westchester.

SCORE FREE Business Advice

SCORE Westchester matches you with experienced small business advisors who work with you on your specific business needs. These are just some of the items for which business owners often seek guidance from SCORE advisors:

Starting a small business in Westchester
Writing or updating a business plan
Identifying sources of funding and preparing documents for financing
Creating a marketing plan
Launching an additional location
Adjusting to growth

I find SCORE volunteers very knowledgeable and very helpful. They are eager to assist in the development or improvement of my business.”

– DM

Benefits of SCORE Business Advising

There is never any charge for advisory sessions as mentors volunteer their time and expertise.
All SCORE small business advisors have achieved business in the Westchester area and have a keen understanding of the climate of the industry.
You will be matched with a small business mentor based on your specific needs and his or her area of expertise

Knowledgeable people helping you on an individual basis, at no cost? Where else can you get help like this?”

– BM

How SCORE Face-to-Face Counseling Works

Our Counselor-in-Charge will then match you with the appropriate advisors based on your needs and industry.Identify
Identifying sources of funding and preparing documents for financingMeeting
Meet with your two advisors for an initial exploratory session to discuss your business and its needs.

Submit a Request
Submit a request for small business mentoring by phone or via our online form. You may choose to meet in one of our locations or, if you have an established business, to meet at your facility.

You may continue to meet with either or both of these advisors as long as you feel it is beneficial to you and your business.

The questions asked were pertinent and helped us formulate our next steps. My small business advisor [Mitch Glick] was patient and knowledgeable, and a pleasure to talk to about our ideas. I felt it was very helpful to meet with him.”

– DB

So start today!

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If you prefer, SCORE Westchester also offers online business advising.

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