Leveraging Publicity for Your Westchester Small Business

Westchester Small BusinessThe key factor required to grow your small business is having people know about it. Advertising and marketing are essential ways through which you can promote your Westchester small business to the appropriate audience in Westchester County, the NYC Metro area and beyond. By exercising the principle that all publicity is good publicity, you are bound to open up new doors and ways to grow your small business. Public relations (PR) and publicity are doable on any small business budget, with or without hiring a firm. It’s also the ideal avenue because it is often times perceived to be more credible than advertising without the higher costs. What’s important is understanding the impact of publicity and leveraging it effectively.

Here are some ways to use PR and publicity to grab the public’s interest:

Press releases

There is something to say about the power of a press release. Constructed well, your press release can draw your Westchester small business a great deal of attention from the media and the public. There are a number of press release generating and distribution websites offering free and paid service:

Not sure how to write a press release? That’s not a problem. These same sites, along with many others, offer guidelines and steps toward building the ideal press release. For example, has a PR Toolkit for small businesses site that has a press release wizard that can assist you with your press release.

Watch the news.

Whether you watch News 12 Westchester or get your news online, it’s beneficial to pay attention to news cycles, breaking news, upcoming events and featured spots to determine whether or not your Westchester small business plays a relevant part in current events. If a breaking story hits and it’s relevant to your industry or you have some level of expertise and experience on the subject then provide a short but informative comment directly to that news site online offering a unique insight that has not yet been reported. Strike while the iron is hot and your expert opinion may lead to an interview.

Use media to get media.

One interview or article simply isn’t enough. Use it to get other interviews or articles spanning from print to broadcast and even online. Use your interviews or articles in social media to boost your Westchester small business’s message; be sure to post regularly to saturate your business’s point of view through social vehicles and validate the company’s value. It takes work, but it is work worth doing as it will help to build recognition of you and your Westchester small business.

In leveraging these steps, be sure to place every press release, interview, article or published mention of your Westchester small business on your website in a space designated specifically for this news and share them through social media. You can also add this information to your marketing kit and ad campaigns for greater credibility. Forward this information on to clients/customers, colleagues and professional organizations. Always mention your recent news in your newsletters or regular business updates citing the media outlet that published the story.

Leveraging publicity will require you to take advantage of every possible opportunity that comes your way and building upon that to get even more possibilities. By continually doing this, you will acquire a higher level of media attention which will inevitably grow your small business further and render more success.