Finding the Right Small Business Coach for Your Westchester Business

Small Business Coach Westchester NYEvery great success has had someone that provided guidance and wisdom at the beginning of his or her career and along the way. The sort of advice, knowledge and encouragement that money can’t buy – it is given by an experienced person with the desire to share information in order to build up the next person or business. Mentors are invaluable to anyone trying to do anything great. Start-up businesses are no exception. Getting a mentor to act as a small business coach could enable you to make decisions for your career and your Westchester business that would land you on the path to success while avoiding pitfalls that you might encounter without a voice of wisdom in your corner.

However, don’t assume that choosing the right mentor or small business coach is as easy as pulling up a list of your industry’s successful business people in New York City and simply reaching out to one. The areas in which you need mentoring may vary greatly or may be very specific. You will need to choose a mentor accordingly. Here are some steps to help you with this process:

  • Evaluate and determine your strengths and weaknesses. First determine the areas that are not your strong suits and in which you have little knowledge. Next, identify those areas that you believe you are “good” in but have rendered little to no success in implementation. Knowing the areas in which you need guidance will assist you in choosing a small business coach with knowledge and experience where you need it most.
  • Identify the characteristics and contributions of potential mentors. Now that you know the areas where you need help, start pinpointing professionals in your industry with these strengths as potential mentors. Research their successes and the contributions they’ve made over their careers and determine if that’s a good fit for your Westchester business. Just because a business person is successfully visible in Westchester County or New York City does not automatically make them a good potential small business coach for you and your business needs.
  • Position yourself and reach out. Join the organizations that your potential mentors are members of, frequent events and venues that they regularly attend or contribute to. Place yourself in the appropriate circles and become visible. Once you identify the person (or persons) you would like to ask for mentorship, introduce yourself and invite him or her to lunch. During that lunch, ask your potential small business coach about his or her career, the obstacles they’ve faced and overcome and whether they would be interested and willing to offer you some advice. Be clear that you respect this person, admire their success and want to learn from them. Then pay for lunch. Show appreciation for his or her time.

Mentors are integral to your business’s growth. The best way to contend with your competition is learning how they got to where they are and getting the edge to exceed them. Without information full of experience and wisdom, your Westchester business will not get to that level. Begin your research and work toward mentorship and watch your viewpoint, business practices and success change for the better.

Always remember that Score is here for you to provide free counseling and mentorship to your Westchester business as well. To learn more about the types of free counseling offered at Score Westchester, click here.